Opera in the Outback

Opera in the Outback

6th – 8th October 2016

Media Release

Opera in the Outback Celebrates 16 years at Undara Experience

As the sun slowly sinks below the distant horizon of the beautiful eastern Gulf Savannah, the stage is set for some of Australia’s most accomplished operatic performers to deliver the unforgettable experience that is Opera in the Outback. Ooramian Place amphitheater at Undara Experience is the site of this annual iconic event now in its 16th year.

General Manager of Undara Experience and self-confessed opera lover, Ivor Davies said how important this event is for not only Undara but for the region. “The people who regularly attend this event come back every year to not only enjoy the opera but they find the setting at Undara very relaxing as well”. “Visitors spend money traveling to and from the opera which is vitally important for the businesses out here in a time when the traditional self-drive tourism market is coming to an end”.

Managing Director of Undara Experience, Bram Collins said “Our best form of advertising for Undara is word of mouth and we want everybody who has attended in the past to revisit with friends who haven’t yet had the OPERA experience at Undara”. “This is such a unique experience, it is something you should enjoy with your closest family and friends” Mr Collins said. “We’ve had a lot of interest from businesses who want to bring their loyal clients and staff out and share this great experience as a reward for supporting their business over the years”

Opera in the Outback 2016 will once again amaze and entertain audiences from North Queensland and beyond with one of the region’s most unique musical events. The Opera in the Outback weekend is held over 3 nights with a different program each night.  Each night there is an optional 3 Course dinner after the performances.  Please ask reservations more information on these.

Thursday 6th October

Jazz night: is held especially for the people who aren’t yet true opera converts. Showcasing more cabaret style performances and in the past even theatre, the Thursday show is one of the most popular evenings.  

$53 per adult $27 per child


Fri 7th Oct 2016

Around the World of Opera

From balmy Spain to mythical Egypt, outer space to realms of pure imagination, operas have been set in every conceivable location. And from opera houses to sheds, pubs and the outback, operas have been performed in almost as many different settings. But none is more breathtaking than Undara’s Opera in the Outback. What better place to explore where opera has been both performed and set throughout its history. Join Opera Bites on an engaging and informative journey through opera’s history with favourites old and new.

$109 per adult $55 per adult

Sat 8th Oct 2016

The Merry Wives of Windsor

This hilarious opera by Otto Nicolai is based on the play of the same name by Shakespeare. The weighty and boisterous Falstaff has fallen on hard times and, to cure his woes, has sent identical letters to woo both Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. The two wives agree to teach the overly amorous Falstaff a lesson he will not forget! Meanwhile Mister Ford, in disguise as Mr. Brooke, has plans of his own for Falstaff and Anne Page sees an opportunity to be with the love of her life, Fenton. Sung in English, fully costumed and complete in 90 minutes with beautiful, memorable and toe tapping tunes and, of course, audience participation!

$131 per adult $66 per child

Bookings are essential. Please contact reservations for all accommodation and ticket bookings on 1800 990 992 or by email at res@undara.com.au