Welcome to Undara

Just what is the Undara Experience? Set in the Gulf Savannah country, Undara is as ancient and alluring as the continent itself, the Undara Lava Tubes stand as silent sentinels to our pre-history. Here you can walk in the path of a volcano and sleep cocooned in an antique railway carriage as your dreams connect you with the essence of this timeless land.  It’s a place where you can explore natural geological wonders, enjoy the comforts and hospitality of a unique outback setting and where the local wildlife are as abundant as they are at home in their surroundings. In short, Undara needs to be experienced!

 (Please click on “Green Season.” for further information on the operations 2016’s period of the Green Season late November 2016-March 2017).  

Lava Tubes, Gems & Gorges Trail Information

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